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meet Bill ☆

Based in Brewster, Massachusetts, he cares
for his mother in a neighboring town.  Bill is
close to his older brother, sister-in-law
and two nephews, who live in New Jersey. 

He was born in Boston on January 18th, 1974,
though Orleans remains the anchor in his life
— learning to sail the waters connected to
Pleasant Bay during the summer, while
winning best-all-around and sportsmanship
award in his youth.

If winter months inland weren't busy making
free-throws in basketball or spent upon
the hills skiing, he would either be drawing
on walls with crayons and tacking magazine
cutouts to his bedroom ceiling . . .  in addition to
studying the latest stats from sports. 

Bill enjoys listening to classic rock & roll or
watching a good movie — no joke, occasionally
he performs as a stand-up comedian;  also,
he can create meals using leftovers, as well as
teaching the family dog a new trick or two!